Are you ready to BOOK BATTLE?


(terrifying, aren’t I?)

The Book Battle hosted by The Shady Glade is getting ready to commence. As I am going to be a judge and will have to read at least 10 of the books nominated, I encourage all those who love YA to nominate great books so I have awesome things to read and praise.

Here is the timeline for the Book Battle:

Close of nominations: April 5th
Announcement of Longlist: April 7th
Round 1 Judging period: Present-April 30th
Announcement of Shortlist: May 3rd
Start of Round 2 Judging: May 8th
Announcement Posts for Round 2 brackets : Beginning May 22nd

Please go to Shady Glade to nominate and/or get more information on this fun event. I am looking forward to reading lots of great books in April because of your brilliant nominations.

Happy Reading!

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