Great Gifts for Book Lovers

This past weekend I went shopping for my loved ones and since many of them are book lovers, I ended up finding a lot of lovely bookish gifts. I thought I’d share a few ideas here for those who are looking for last minute bookish gifts for the holidays.

Franklin Books 

I found some of these for sale in a used bookstore and after seeing them in person, I can say these are some of the most beautiful books I’ve ever laid eyes on. They are all well bound, beautiful colors, excellent quality and of course, a lot of amazing reads. They have everything from books on space signed by astronauts to classic favorites like Alice in Wonderland or Moby Dick. At around $100+ a book, it is a little more expensive but they’re books that will stay in a library for life and be loved forever. As a book lover myself, I’d be ecstatic if someone bought me one of my favorite books from these collections.

Alibris – A Signed First Edition 

Another great gift for bookish friends and family is a signed and/or first edition of their favorite book. I’ve always had great luck finding these on Alibris, especially since you can search by ‘hardcover’ ‘first edition’ and ‘signed’ to easily find the best books to give as gifts. Not all book lovers crave this of course, but I do think it makes a nice and thoughtful gift regardless. I’ve found them for as cheap as $20 and as expensive as $2000, so it totally depends on the book, condition and rarity.

Book Jewelry   

Some of the coolest gifts I’ve found are on websites like Etsy, especially book related gifts. You can find styles for book lovers, like for the lover of steampunk books, there is steampunk jewelry (see left necklace) or simple bookish adornments like the necklace on the right. These range anywhere from $10 to $500+ depending on what your style and budget is.

Penguin Postcards     

These one hundred postcards from penguin feature different book covers over the years published by Penguin Books.  I’ve actually wanted these for a couple years now and my friend got it for me this year. The picture on the right is one I took of some of the postcards in my box. I absolutely love it. At $16.50, its a decently priced and adorable gift for a book lover.

Library Smell in a Bottle  

In my head this smells like parchment and silence, but really, it could smell like anything. As I haven’t smelled it myself, I can’t vouch for how great this is but I think its a really cute gift idea for a book lover.

Novel Tea  

Novel themed teas for the tea drinkers in your life. I’m a coffee girl myself so I haven’t tried it, but it looks great!

Out of Print Clothing    

One of my favorite new bookish websites, Out of Print makes really cool shirts, phone cases, tote bags, eReader covers and other bookish gifts. I own the Moby Dick iPhone case, and can say it’s a great quality cover with an awesome design.

The Literary Gift Company

Another literary bookish site with lots of book related gifts from purses to stationary. I haven’t bought something from them myself, but they look like a great resource for bookish gifts.

Hope this helps someone find a great gift this season! Best of luck and Happy Holidays.

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