May Releases Giveaway!


May is bringing so many new books to the shelves of bookstores near us (and in turn, our own) that I thought it is time for a giveaway! These three books are the releases that most of us are very excited about. Each of these books comes out on May 1st, 2012.

The winner of this giveaway can pick which of these books they want and I’ll pre-order it for them to arrive when it is released.

– One entry for commenting on this post

– Two entries for tweeting about it (Follow me @KatDuncanPhoto)

If you know of another great book being released in May, let me know! I’d be happy to add it to the choices. Giveaway open for one week, until April 21st, 2012.

** WINNER IS LAURA HARTNESS!** She will be receiving a copy of Insurgent!


12 thoughts on “May Releases Giveaway!

  1. I’d definetly choose Bitterblue (although Insurgent and Being friends with boys by Terra Elan McAvoy are also on my list of OhmygoshIcan’twai’tforthefirstofmay). Unfortunately I live in France so I’m not sure this contest is open to me. If so be aware that I also reteweeted your post. :). Have a great 1st of May release !

    @KatDuncanPhoto Is doing an awesome Bitterblue, Insurgent and Serpents Shadow giveaway.

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