Broken Harbor by Tana French

Mick “Scorcher” Kennedy, a no-nonsense grizzled detective on the murder squad in Dublin, is given a case in Brianstown, formerly known as Broken Harbor. A family murdered in their home with only one survivor. Was it an inside job or a random killing? Was it an act of love, revenge or just plain evil? Kennedy and his rookie partner, Richie, are on the case.

But Kennedy isn’t new to this location. His own childhood trauma occurred on the beaches of the very same harbor, reverberating throughout his life every since. His own memories, guilt and confusion play a part in his ability to solve this case. His sister has gone crazy again, something that he believes started with what happened on that beach when they were kids. He has to figure out the past, the case and keep himself together, with just a few days to do it.

Broken Harbor, like all of Tana French’s books, isn’t a straightforward murder mystery. The mystery is as much psychological trauma as it is physical, often entwined around dark memories long buried. These memories inevitably start to seep into their everyday life, making the characters unravel slowly, thread by thread, until they are barely hanging on. As you read, you almost feel like you’re going a little crazy with them.

I have enjoyed every book by Tana French, though I believe The Likeness is still my favorite, and this book is no exception. Well written and fast paced, it is full of deep emotion, vivid imagery and suspenseful plot twists. Broken Harbor is well worth picking up, but you may want to read it with the light on. Just in case.

(Book will be released July 24, 2012)

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