Every Day by David Levithan

Can you imagine going through life waking up every day in a new body? Borrowing other people’s lives, families, rooms, schools, friends.. but never having your own? Though it sounds lonely and hard, A makes their way through life like this. A doesn’t know their sex or family because A has been shunted from body to body since A was an infant. A doesn’t fight against it until one day, A falls in love.

The day A falls in love is much like any other. A wakes up in a 16-year-old’s body, a boy named Justin.  A eats breakfast with Justin’s parents, goes to Justin’s school and meets Justin’s friends. Much like any other day. But then A meets Justin’s girlfriend Rhiannon and everything is suddenly different. They run away for the afternoon and have one, shining, perfect day. Afterwards A decides that A wants to be with Rhiannon, every day, no matter who A becomes tomorrow. A is sometimes girls and sometimes boys, sometimes miles away and sometimes just next door. A tries to find out if love can in fact, overcome all obstacles.

Levithan often writes about love. Simple love, teen love, complicated love, but it is almost always, love.  He writes about it effortlessly and beautifully, making the reader want nothing more than to be a part of his stories even when they end sadly. His writing often addresses humanity in a way that is thoughtful and kind. He writes about love whether it be between two boys, two girls or two people of the opposite sex.

Every Day is no different. Exploring how it could feel to be pursuing a relationship when tomorrow you may be a boy or girl, fat or thin, gay, transgendered or straight. A experiences all these aspects of love and relationships. It is well written, engaging and sweet. Every Day is a book you won’t want to put down until the end, because love is love, no matter who, especially in this case, you are.

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