life, dogs and books

Here’s the thing, everyone should have a dog. Or just maybe some kind of living thing. I mean a dinosaur would be super cool and maybe if I had a special power over giant spiders that’d be awesome (ALL MY ENEMIES BEWARE), but if you can’t manage some type of crazy amazing superhero animal, then a dog is the next best creature. I was thinking about this today after I got home from the beach with my pup, who is exhausting and wonderful and exhausting and hilarious and many other various things, and I came to the conclusion that everyone should have one. (Just not mine, because I need him. See reasons below.)

They help take yourself little less seriously. It’s really hard to be pissed off about your day at work or the fact that someone was rude to you in line somewhere or whatever happened to you today that was petty and unimportant but really, really got you mad –  when you have a puppy dancing around your feet just wanting to be near you all the time. I mean, hello, there is grass and sky and walks to be had, is life really all that bad? This cute little furry thing is just reminding you that hey, it’s ok to be happy anyway. Even when life sucks mostly.

They’re really, really cute. I mean, really cute. If you’re lucky, your dog will be half as cute as mine and he’s probably the most adorable thing I’ve ever laid eyes on. One of my friends told me that looking at cute things once a day helps us to be calmer, happier people. I think this explains the whole people-googling-youtube-cat-videos-all-day thing, because they’re probably really unhappy at work at don’t have some furred creature at home to look at when they get back home after a long day. They need more cute in their lives because it touches some gooey needy place inside of us that needs to be touched once and a while to remind us that the sun shines, people love us and hey, there are baby animals in the world on youtube. Just for us.

They remind you to take a moment. It’s hard to be crazy busy working 30 hour days and living at your job when your dog needs to go on a walk or be fed.  You have to go outside, take a jaunt around the neighborhood and just breathe for a while. You can’t sleep in until noon like a depressed cave dweller when your creature needs to be taken care of. It makes you move your ass and get out there in the world, or at least outside your door. And while you’re out there you can’t really worry about rent or bills or something, you just worry about your dog going to the bathroom like RIGHT NOW please. Which in itself can be ridiculous because you’re crouching on the grass begging this animal to please just do this already so you can go back inside and not burn the house down because the oven is on and please, please just go? And it looks at you like, hey, I’m a dog, I don’t control my bodily urges.

They remind you that you aren’t as smart as you think you are. At our heart, we’re all idiots. Really, we are. We realize this when we talk to our dogs in baby talk even though we detest that we talk in baby talk and that others do it too.  Or when we assume they understand that “no” really means no and not “I can’t believe you did that, do it again! again! Yes!” We are always surprised, aways, that they continue to find, chew, destroy and generally wreak havoc on our belongings. Did we really think that hiding the glove would be safe from this dog that is so incredibly smarter than we give it credit for? It watched you. It remembered. It will destroy that later when you’ve forgotten that you put it there. And you will be surprised, again. 

And last but not least, they’re really good reading companions. I mean, who else in your life is totally willing to go to the park everyday and sit on the grass and let you read a book? I mean, seriously, this pup would be down for that 24/7 if I had the time and we could do it. It makes me want to move closer to a park just to satisfy both of us.

And if you can teach your creature that the one thing they cannot destroy ever is your books, those beautiful tasty things that are piled all over your home, because that… that would actually break your heart?

Well, then it’s all win-win from there.

4 thoughts on “life, dogs and books

  1. I love dogs! I had a beautiful black Lab as a kid…..I had been after my husband for a dog since ages! Unfortunately, our jobs keep me and him very busy & he says it’d be cruel to leave the dog for so long all alone in the house…and I agree…so *sigh]* till one of us moves to a less taxing lifestyle, my dream will remain exactly that….a dream.

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