From whales to snakes – Saying goodbye

Now I know a lot happens in every person’s first car, but my second car was one that got me through many adventures in my life.  I bought this car because I got an internship at my first newspaper and when they asked me if I had a car, my response was “Sure!” (I didn’t.) So I went out and got my fit. Since then it has been through so much, I almost feel bad for it.

This car has hauled not only myself but every book (and you know, other secondary possessions like clothes) I own across the country many times. I have driven from Massachusetts to Kansas to Texas to New York to Texas (again) and then to Utah. There were times I was pretty sure it wouldn’t make it. There was audible scary creaking sounds… especially on my trip from Texas to NY, where it was packed to the edges and I was accompanied by the dormouse.

fitpacked dormouseinfit

In Texas there were many times it was made to feel inferior. Such as… every single day when it was parked next every truck in every parking lot. Despite the constant emotional assault, it shouldered on.


And then there was the time, due to is meager power, that it couldn’t make it onto the beach like all the Texas trucks to take us to the dead whale… so we had to walk the four miles instead. And then when we finally arrived back to my poor abandoned vehicle, we climbed inside.. with whale juices on us. I’m not sure it’s ever quite smelled the same.


And then.

Then there was the snake incident.

Two hours. In my fit. With a snake.


(I would link you to my blog post about it but the Victoria Advocate has apparently gotten rid of the photo blog or it doesn’t work anymore. If it ever works again, it was here.)

But there were happier times too – pre and post the horrifying, life changing, nightmare inducing snake incident. You know, the incident where most people told me I should have just “burned the damn car to ashes and left it smoking there by the side of the highway.” Shudder. Sometimes at night I still wonder if something is about to slither across my shoulders again…

Anyway, happier times! Like Panda’s first full day of going everywhere with me in the car –  back in the days when he didn’t have eyes.


And all the times I practically lived out of it for my assignments, from pumpkin patches to NASA warehouses. To tracking down plane crashes and being called out at 2am for fake fires. It’s gotten me through tornado warnings, floods and snowstorms. Like that one time I almost died driving through white out conditions on the way to a hockey game or that time I almost died when I slid through a red light on the ice or that time when I almost died in a snowstorm because my GPS stopped working at midnight on my way home from work…

Hmm, well, you can see why I got a new car to deal with snow and seasonal weather anyway.

But my fit has been wonderful. It got me, my books and even a few visitors (friends, panda, butterflies) and unwanted guests (snake. just the snake.) from point A to B with aplomb and good humor and excellent gas mileage whenever I needed it.

For that I’ll always be grateful.

Except for the snake. That shit sucked.


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