The Boy Who Drew Monsters by Keith Donohue

I didn’t read this book for the halloween season, but it sure fits these darker days and chilly nights. If you want something creepy that’ll vividly paint images in your mind that you won’t be able to get rid of anytime soon, this is the book for you.

Jack almost died a few years ago while playing with his best friend, Nick. While their parents were sunning on the beach one day, the boys disappeared beneath the waves. They were soon hauled up from beneath the water, mostly drowned and forever changed. Since that day Jack has been unable to venture outdoors. He screams and fights his parents until they just let him live only inside their house, where he feels safe. He hasn’t left their home willingly in years.

And then, one day, the monsters come. There is tapping along their house at night, sounds on the roof, windows pried open, grotesque drawings on the bathroom mirrors. His mother begins to hear unnatural voices in the foggy night as she drives home. His father chases a large figure out onto the rocky shore and wakes up hours later, his throat slashed with what looks like fingernails. Nick sees bodies hanging in the closet, creatures crawling to and fro.

The monsters are everywhere. And only Jack knows why.

A fun, eerie adventure into a creative little boy’s hidden world that begins to invade the lives of those around him, “The Boy Who Drew Monsters” by Keith Donohue will have you waking up at night wondering what that tapping in your closet is (but you’ll be too scared to investigate it.)

It’ll make you never want to pick up a drawing pencil. Or open your window to see what that scratching is outside. Or stop your car to see what that howling is in the dark of the night.

It’ll make you thankful for sunlight, blankets, and the fact that some things, like these monsters, only exist in books.


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