March: Rainy Day Books (Closed)

Its a cold rainy day here in Texas. Finally! (the past few weeks have been hot/humid and it was getting monotonous) And so I find myself inside, hiding from the rain and thinking about my favorite rainy day books. Often a book I want to curl up with when its cold and stormy outside are what I have dubbed my ‘comfort books.’ Also known as the makes-me-feel-warm-and-fuzzy-to-read-them books.

One on the top on my list is Little Women, which I found surprisingly appropriate since they are the March family. (Serendipitous, no?)  So here is the March book giveaway!

Tell me your favorite Rainy Day Book and Why in the comments below. In return, the person who wins this giveaway will receive a book of their choice available on

— Winner is FADEINTOFANTASY! Will be contacted shortly to pick your book!


24 thoughts on “March: Rainy Day Books (Closed)

  1. One of my favorites, besides the Harry Potter series, is Diana Wynn Jones’ Fire and Hemlock. It was the first book to really have an impact on me as a teen and it always reminds me to never let anyone embarrass me out of being myself.

  2. You know how much I love Harry Potter 😀 I’ll reread Harry Potter at any time.
    I agree with the above. Something familiar for sure. I find Kelley Armstrong’s YA and Lisa McMann the easiest to go through. Or maybe Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum series … You’re really got me thinking!
    Okay, Kelley Armstrong was my first choice, so I’m going to go with her.

  3. My favourite rainy day book? It’s so difficult to choose one – I tend to cycle between several at once! But I always seem to go back to The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger. It’s such an inventive, creative and beautiful story, well executed and split up into easy to read segments so you can go back and re-read sections easily. It’s got a lovely sense of poetry and character. Not too heavy and serious, so you aren’t forced to sit down and read a lot in one go to get into it (though you’re likely to do so anyway) but not immensely light and fluffy, so it feels like the story has some gravitas.

  4. I love the ” THE IMMORTALS SERIES” by Alyson Noël. The story is amazing, the book that is hard to put down once you start reading.

  5. My favorite rainy day books are the hunger games series. Its such an intense series to read and it’s so interesting. I would love to read little women. I have already seen the movie and loved that.

  6. Mitch Albom’s books are really great for reading during rainy days. Back in high school, I’ve read For One More Day, Tuesdays with Morrie and The 5 People You Meet in Heaven for countless times. Most of the time, I read them whenever I’m stuck at home during the storm. I found Mitch Albom’s books really soothing, even with all the drama that his books usually have. Each of his book never fails to make me cry. And this might sound a bit weird, because rainy days are usually assumed as gloomy and dark but actually, whenever I read the books I have mentioned on rainy days, I feel a lot better despite the tears. There’s just something about the way that Mitch Albom writes. He can perfectly capture a moment – be it a joyous or depressing one.

  7. I love to read books by Nicholas Sparks on those cold rainy day where you just want to be under your warm blankets 😀 I read several of them several times! Also, HP which I’ve read zillions of time and still re-read over and over again. I always seem to walk away with something new.

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