The new Social Site for Kindle users

We all read a lot of book blogs, tweet with #FridayReads & #LitChat, post on GoodReads & LibraryThing, swap on BookMooch and download ARCS on NetGalley. And here comes another website to help us talk about books. The question is, is it worth it? Book lovers who take advantage of online social media are already spending a lot of time on the sites listed above and numerous others.

Well as an avid Kindle user, I can say that I will be visiting  for a while to check it out and play with new developments. So far, it is decently designed. It is a simple, straightforward site with enough options to keep you entertained, but not so many that you feel lost. I like Your Highlights where I can see all the quotes I’ve highlighted in my kindle books on one page. I can then cut and paste into my blog, tumblr or twitter as I wish. To me, that’s quite useful.

The Daily Review option threw me off at first because I thought it would be a daily book review. Instead, it is a ‘review’ in the sense of the word that it is reviewing a book you have in your library by posting “Flashcards” of significant highlights and quotes. I’d prefer for Amazon to change this option to actual book reviews about books that the user might like based upon their current kindle library.

Also on your page is quotes from books in your library, highly followed people, book suggestions and twitter/facebook buttons if you want to add everyone you know onto your kindle page. I like the Want to Read feature on the right under Public Stats which pulls books from your wishlists to show you what you’ve coveted lately. You can also make certain features public or private, so you can control what your new amazon followers will be able to see.

The Most Highlighted of All Time shows the passages and the books that people are highlighting feverishly at home. In Passages: 

Mockingjay (no surprise) is currently #1 with: “It takes ten times as long to put yourself back together as it does to fall apart.” – Highlighted by 5396 Kindle users

Pride and Prejudice is #2 : “It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife.” – Highlighted by 5201 Kindle users

and Catching Fire is #3 : “Because sometimes things happen to people and they’re not equipped to deal with them.” – Highlighted by 4932 Kindle users

Overall, I’m enjoying my time at and I am looking forward to watching how it grows and changes. Feel free to share your thoughts with me! I’d love to hear what other kindle users are thinking of this site so far.

ARe Cafe: A new social site for eBook lovers

So here I am at SXSW and glomped in with all the lovely technology, geek fun, film, music and caffeinated treats are BOOKS! Yay books! Authors, readers and bookish companies are here… albeit a small part of the convention but they are here and I am trying to seek them out to see whats new.

I just met a very nice and lovely Barbara Perfetti, the Chief Financial Officer of OmniLit, All Romance and the new AreCafe which launched this past week. They are a site for buying ebooks of all genres, although they started as a romance distributor so the site does have a plethora of those books in addition to that general romance feel to the website – note the cute tagline “Drop by for a Byte!”

The tuesday launch was the social book aspect for their website called “ARe Cafe” at

As I am always interested to see new competitors for sites such as Good Reads and LibraryThing, I spoke with Barbara a bit about the creation of ARe Cafe. She said they have done well in their ebook business and now want to offer a place for their customers to talk, review and post about their favorite books. The website has everything from Featured Authors and eBook tips to options like “On Air” which features podcasts about new ebooks.

It looks like a fun site and I’m always excited to see book distributors reach out to the public with social media so I encourage everyone to go take a look at their new site and give them feedback!

Also, I picked up some swag (SWAG! love swag) including some fun stickers that say “Here Zombie, Zombie, Zombie” and”eBook Addict” in addition to a 50% off Omni Bucks for a purchase on their website, which has a decent selection in all genres from children’s fiction to westerns.

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