Holiday happily ever afters

“Before I take you into the beating heart of the story, let’s get one thing out of the way. I know from experience that when it comes up later, it will distract you so much that you won’t be able to concentrate on anything else I will tell you. My name is Jubilee Dougal. Take a moment and let it sink in.” – Let it Snow

“Let it Snow” by John Green, Maureen Johnson and Lauren Myracle is a holiday treat for anyone who is getting into the spirit of the season.

This holiday trifecta begins with “The Jubilee Express” by Maureen Johnson. We are introduced to Jubilee on the night before Christmas, when her parents are arrested in an incident at the Flobie Santa’s Village showroom in line to buy one of the collectible ceramic village pieces they make – a fateful misunderstanding that leads to Jubilee being put on a train to her grandparents for Christmas. An epic snowstorm strands the train, and Jubilee ends up on a funny, romantic adventure that leads her to a happier Christmas than she originally envisioned.

In “A Cheertastic Christmas Miracle” by John Green, we are introduced to JP, the Duke and Tobin. The Duke is a young lady; JP and Tobin are her two best guy friends. They are hanging out when they get convinced by a friend to brave the weather and travel to the local Waffle House despite the blizzard outside. Their journey to the Waffle House is full of missteps with their car, snowbanks, local rivals, the need for Twister and a little personal chemistry.

Last but not least, “The Patron Saint of Pigs” by Lauren Myracle is a charming story about a slightly self-involved Starbucks barista named Addie. She has just broken up with her boyfriend and must find a way to see through her amusing, but selfish haze of despair to help her best friend acquire a special something she has been wanting for a long time.

By going out of her way to help someone else through the goodness of her heart, Addie may get a second chance at her own happiness.

If you’re in the mood to escape with a blanket, hot chocolate and a sweet, simple read to put you in the holiday spirit, this book is the perfect pick for a chilly December afternoon.

These three seasonal stories intertwine, leaving readers with a satisfyingly warm and fuzzy feeling, much like a fleece gingerbread onesie for our souls.

Through everything from chance encounters to missing teacup pigs, we are delighted as each character eventually achieves his or her own holiday happily ever after.


ARe Cafe: A new social site for eBook lovers

So here I am at SXSW and glomped in with all the lovely technology, geek fun, film, music and caffeinated treats are BOOKS! Yay books! Authors, readers and bookish companies are here… albeit a small part of the convention but they are here and I am trying to seek them out to see whats new.

I just met a very nice and lovely Barbara Perfetti, the Chief Financial Officer of OmniLit, All Romance and the new AreCafe which launched this past week. They are a site for buying ebooks of all genres, although they started as a romance distributor so the site does have a plethora of those books in addition to that general romance feel to the website – note the cute tagline “Drop by for a Byte!”

The tuesday launch was the social book aspect for their website called “ARe Cafe” at

As I am always interested to see new competitors for sites such as Good Reads and LibraryThing, I spoke with Barbara a bit about the creation of ARe Cafe. She said they have done well in their ebook business and now want to offer a place for their customers to talk, review and post about their favorite books. The website has everything from Featured Authors and eBook tips to options like “On Air” which features podcasts about new ebooks.

It looks like a fun site and I’m always excited to see book distributors reach out to the public with social media so I encourage everyone to go take a look at their new site and give them feedback!

Also, I picked up some swag (SWAG! love swag) including some fun stickers that say “Here Zombie, Zombie, Zombie” and”eBook Addict” in addition to a 50% off Omni Bucks for a purchase on their website, which has a decent selection in all genres from children’s fiction to westerns.

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